SADA Congress 2022

Dr Jacques Malan

Dr Malan is currently in full time private practice as a periodontist in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. His practice focuses on aesthetic periodontal procedures and implant dentistry. He works closely with his prosthodontist and multiple dentists performing high quality aesthetic dentistry. The aesthetic procedures performed include crown lengthening, mucosal and connective tissue grafts, bone augmentation and implant surgery. He has a Post Graduate Degree: 1990 (June) - 1994 (July) as a full-time post graduate student in the Department of Oral Medicine and Periodontology at the University of Stellenbosch. He attained a Masters Degree in Periodontology and Oral Medicine, M.Ch.D (cum laude) in 1994.

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Stream 4

- Managing the healing abutment -Clinical decision making in implant dentistry: Our evolution. -Paediatric trauma to implant reconstruction. Review of the literature and case presentation / Q&A