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    Floor Space

    3m x 3m (9m²)
    Each to include the following:

    * 1 x 15 amp plug point
    * 2 x meal tickets

    Cost: R19 895 Incl VAT

    Learning Slot

    Cost: R3 500 Incl VAT

    Shell Scheme

    3m x 3m (9m²)
    Each to Include the following:
    * 2.5m high - Octanorm & White PST Walling
    * Fascia Name - Standard Vinyl Cut
    * Part DB
    * 1 x 15 amp plug point
    * 1 x Lights
    * 2 x Chairs
    1 x Trestle table (1.8m x 450cm)

    Cost: R3 100 Incl VAT

    Payment Structure

    25% payable on registration /with your stand booking (within 5 working days from registration)

    25% Payable, due by 31 May 2019

    50%/outstanding balance payable, due by 31 July 2019

    Single Posterboard

    (2.5m high white poster panels)

    Note: No pinning or pegging of panels allowed. Prestik/double sided tape is allowed, Minimum order of 3 panels to ensure structure stands securely

    Cost of Exhibitors Lunches & Teas/Welcome Function

    For catering purposes, the Congress Organisers has limited the number of exhibitors/staff per stand as follows:

    • Your paid stand rate includes lunch tickets for 2 staff members.For any additional exhibitor staff
    • or guests there is a cost payable of R385.00 per person/per day.
    • You are reminded that there is no cost involved to attend the opening function and that all members of staff are encouraged to attend this exciting event.

    Shell Scheme Measurements